lördag 11 januari 2014

Mini pots.

Here are some tiny wheelthrown pots that came out of my kiln last week. The smallest pot is 3 cm wide and 2 cm high. They will work well as a home for tiny bonsai or accentplants.

söndag 5 januari 2014


I recently made the fourth firing in my woodfired kiln. The firing went pretty well but I am not super happy with the result. Some unglazed pieces didn´t came out as i expected so they will be refired next time.

I finished the firing at a high temperature with a nice, big bed of ember in the firebox. In doing so I got a slow cooling which is good for the flamemarkings (hi- iro).

For the next firing I will keep stoking for a couple of extra hours at top temperature to get some more ash build up.

Detail of a sculpture, about 50 cm high

Bottle with a "nuka" glaze

Blue, blue and blue

Tall blue vases.

Detail of a vase, 38 cm high

Tall unglazed vase, 36 cm high

Nice flame marks( hi- iro) and natural ashglaze

Unglazed pot with nice flame marks.

Bowl with celadon glaze.

Wheelthrown and altered vase. Unglazed.

Tall vase, about 40 cm high.

Detail. Nice ash build up over a white/gray engobe.


Unglazed. This was placed directly above the firebox.