måndag 1 december 2014

Unglazed pots.

Here are the latest batch of unglazed brown pots. It is mainly bunjinpots in differnet sizes, that will work great with literati bonsai.

34x 6 cm

28x 5,5 cm

22 x 4 cm

16 x 3,5 cm

14,5 x 3,5 cm

15 x 3,5 cm

 12x10x2 cm

14x11x3,5 cm

10,5 x 3 cm

11 x 2,5 cm

söndag 19 oktober 2014


I have nice coulours in my garden right now. Especially from my Ginkgo and one of my shohin japanese maple.

torsdag 24 april 2014


I repotted my small crabapple in a new pot this year. It is a lotus-shaped pot that was fired in a anagama kiln for four days. It is unglazed and you can see how it was exposed to the fire constantly for four days. The flame was "flowing" around it and left orange/ golden flashings on certain areas. I think the pot complements the tree well even if the tree needs some more refinement and ramification before it goes to its first exhibition =)

lördag 11 januari 2014

Mini pots.

Here are some tiny wheelthrown pots that came out of my kiln last week. The smallest pot is 3 cm wide and 2 cm high. They will work well as a home for tiny bonsai or accentplants.

söndag 5 januari 2014


I recently made the fourth firing in my woodfired kiln. The firing went pretty well but I am not super happy with the result. Some unglazed pieces didn´t came out as i expected so they will be refired next time.

I finished the firing at a high temperature with a nice, big bed of ember in the firebox. In doing so I got a slow cooling which is good for the flamemarkings (hi- iro).

For the next firing I will keep stoking for a couple of extra hours at top temperature to get some more ash build up.

Detail of a sculpture, about 50 cm high

Bottle with a "nuka" glaze

Blue, blue and blue

Tall blue vases.

Detail of a vase, 38 cm high

Tall unglazed vase, 36 cm high

Nice flame marks( hi- iro) and natural ashglaze

Unglazed pot with nice flame marks.

Bowl with celadon glaze.

Wheelthrown and altered vase. Unglazed.

Tall vase, about 40 cm high.

Detail. Nice ash build up over a white/gray engobe.


Unglazed. This was placed directly above the firebox.