måndag 2 september 2013

New pots.

I have some bonsaipots from the latest woodfiring and a couple of pots fired in my electric kiln that I havn´t shown to you. But here they are... hope you like them =)

The large pot is custom made for a scots pine. 28 x 18 cm

I love this blueish glaze!

Unglazed woodfired pot

Unglazed woodfired pot. Lots of ashdeposit on this one!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Aah, that bluish glaze is really something! Breaks beautifully on edges too. And is a little runny, in a lively way, and muted, so its not competing with the tree. Perfect! I also like the last one very much. Resembles grass a bit. Just a hint to that direction, not too much.

    Looking those legs (2,3,4,7,8) makes me wonder, if I'm turning to legs-man altogether.

  2. Very vey nice Tomas



  3. Thank you so much, Andy and Jani!