tisdag 13 augusti 2013

New shapes.

For this firing I also did vases, bottles and some other stuff.
I love making vases and cups on the wheel. I am really inspired of Japanese shigaraki ware, and have started to explore this area more and more. It gives you more freedom than the bonsaipots, that is more strict and precise in their shape. I will definitly continue on this path.

First a couple of pictures for size reference. The tall vase is 30 cm high.

A lidded jar. Celadon on white clay.

A nice little bottle.

This one was stacked on seashells, with the celadon pooling around them.

Celadon glaze on ironrich clay. 35 cm high.

Celadon glaze, 30 cm high

Celadon glaze, 20cm high and 18 cm wide.

Unglazed on the outside. Nice subtle flame markings( hi-iro). 19 cm wide.

Celadon glaze on the inside.

A couple of plates about 15 cm wide.

Dessert anyone?

Celadon glaze. About 15 cm tall

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastic items.
    In the 2nd photo, i really love the third mug, ideal for a shaving mug to make some lather.
    Could you please tell me their measures?

  2. Thanks Rui!

    The cup measures 7 cm in height and 10 cm in diameter.