tisdag 13 augusti 2013

New shapes.

For this firing I also did vases, bottles and some other stuff.
I love making vases and cups on the wheel. I am really inspired of Japanese shigaraki ware, and have started to explore this area more and more. It gives you more freedom than the bonsaipots, that is more strict and precise in their shape. I will definitly continue on this path.

First a couple of pictures for size reference. The tall vase is 30 cm high.

A lidded jar. Celadon on white clay.

A nice little bottle.

This one was stacked on seashells, with the celadon pooling around them.

Celadon glaze on ironrich clay. 35 cm high.

Celadon glaze, 30 cm high

Celadon glaze, 20cm high and 18 cm wide.

Unglazed on the outside. Nice subtle flame markings( hi-iro). 19 cm wide.

Celadon glaze on the inside.

A couple of plates about 15 cm wide.

Dessert anyone?

Celadon glaze. About 15 cm tall

söndag 11 augusti 2013

Even more cups.

The last batch of my cups was glazed with a matt white/gray glaze. On the cups with darker claybody it became gray/brown from the iron.

Really nice ash deposit on the left side.


Shiny glaze (nuka) on the inside.

Celadon glaze on the inside... Nice contrast.

Very much ash deposit on the left side... Nice =)

Celadon on the inside. Beautiful transition between the glazes!

Nuka on the inside.


lördag 10 augusti 2013

More cups.

Those cups are glazed with a ashglaze called "nuka". It is a japanese ashglaze wich is transparent with some white and blue in it if applied thin on the cup. Thickly applied it gets white.

The glaze is pooling on the inside

On white clay the glaze gets shiny white.

Lots of ash deposit on one side of the cup. The ash melts and become a glaze.

Inside pooling.

Ash deposit. The left side of the cup was facing the flame.

Ash deposit in the front.

Ash deposit on the left.

The nuka glaze stained with copperoxide.

fredag 9 augusti 2013

Celadon cups

Last week I did the third firing in my Ittagama (woodfired kiln). It went really well and I start to understand how the kiln works and how to fire it in a good way. This time I had mostly cups and vases and just a few bonsaipots.
I use only ashglazes in the Ittagama and I make them with ashes from the fireplace. First I show you the cups glazed in my celadonglaze. The colour goes from honey to dark green depending on claybody and placement in the kiln.

Nice "hi-iro" or flame marks on the claybody.