lördag 22 september 2012

Some new bonsaipots.

 Here are the result of my first firing in the Ittagama( wood fired kiln). I am pleased with the result and can´t wait to fire it again!

The nice orange/brown "dot" on the rim comes from a peace of
seaweed that I put on the side of the pot. It became a nice glassy
glaze that I will continue experiment with.


From this angle it really shows the nice effects from
 fire, heat and ashes in the glaze!

Some nicely carved feet on that one =)

I love the glaze on this one.

The glazeeffect on the right side is also from seaweed
that i put on the pot.

The last four pots is from my latest firing in the electric kiln. Slightly larger pots around 25- 35 cm wide.

Nice glaze on this oval... Too bad it got a bit warped in the firing.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Really beautiful pots! I like to think warping is a sign of trees weight. At least that is my theory, and I stick to it. I have been trying to use black clay bodies lately, and they seem to warp when burnt to vitrification.

    Legs are difficult, you make really nice ones.

  2. Thank you Jani. I saw your blog, and i am impressed by your homemade kickwheel. You have nice pots aswell =)