söndag 26 augusti 2012

The first firing in my Ittagama.

This weekend it was time to fire my newly built Ittagama (small woodfired kiln). I started at six a clock in the morning and had an exciting, but busy day of firing. At four a clock in the afternoon I closed the kiln and more than 1m3 of firewood was gone =). It was no problems at all to reach toptemperature of 1300 degrees C. I have to do some changes for the next firing but I am really satisfied with the kiln and how well it works! It is like my friend Stefan said about this type of kiln... " - It is a rocket!"

Enjoy the pictures =-)


The next generation is observing the work in progress.

Cone 10 ( 1300 C) still standing

A sneak preview of the result =)

onsdag 15 augusti 2012

New pots.

Quince-shaped oval, 36 cm wide

Creamy glazed oval, 25 cm wide

Unglazed oval with cloudfeet, 22 cm wide

Oval, 23 cm wide

Oval, 20 cm wide

Oval, 22 cm wide