tisdag 15 maj 2012

Unglazed pots.

This time I had mostly unglazed pots.

Lotus-shape ca 15 cm wide

A small oval ca 15 cm wide. Made from three different claybodies slightly kneaded together

Rockbowl/ slab ca 35 cm wide

Oval 30 cm wide

Oval 30 cm wide

Slab built rectangle ca 20 cm wide

small accent( three different claybodies)

Round lotus shape ca 15 cm wide with a creamy glaze

And finally some small accent pots from my little apprentice Alvin( my eldest son, soon 4 years old).
This is his first pots and he built and glazed them all by himself. He loves working with me in the studio. He borrow all my tools, study me while I am working and try to copy... and he uses all the tools at the same piece =). It is really fun watching.

On this one he made feet in the upper corners aswell =)

This is my favourite( the first one he made).
Same pot, other side

torsdag 10 maj 2012


My crabapple( Malus halliana) is now in full bloom. I think it is beautiful.  I can´t wait for all the small apples to come. I think I will keep most of them on the tree this year.