söndag 25 mars 2012

Finally some new bonsaipots!

Here you have some new pots from my kiln. It feels good to be up and running. Still have a lot of testing to do with different clays, glazes and kiln temperature. But that´s just fun =).

A really nice slabbuilt oval that I made for my arakawa maple. 35 cm wide

Detail... I love the subtle changes of colours

A small wheelthrown pot with a creamy glaze. about 16 cm wide

Wheelthrown pot , about 15 cm wide

Small unglazed pot

"Waterpot", 35 cm wide

Detail... Deep blue glaze!

Slab, 37 cm wide( as wide as I could get into my kiln)


Slabbuilt oval. 20 cm wide

Slabbuilt oval, 22 cm wide

Slabbuilt oval, 22 cm wide

Slabbuilt softcorner rectangel. 22 cm wide

fredag 2 mars 2012


One of my large rockbowl exploded during the bisquefire today! I was to fast to put it in the kiln... Should have let it dry for a couple of days more. Luckily the other pots, and the kiln seems to be okay!

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Early spring!

My prunus kurilensis has spent the winter in the garage and suddenly it decided that spring is here. It started to bloom last friday so I put it out in the sun. Three days later there were beautiful cherryblossoms all over the tree! It blooms just for a short time, but it is so lovely and I like it a lot...
I think the tree itself starts to look ok, just have to build up some ramification.

Here you have some pictures.