söndag 14 oktober 2012

Autumn colors!

Some of my bonsai trees show really nice autumn colors this year!

 Acer palmatum arakawa.

Pyracantha. Will go into a nice pot next year.

 Berberis shohin.

Another picture from today.


Backside .... Or front =)

Carpinus betulus... with mushrooms.

Korean Maple.

lördag 22 september 2012

Some new bonsaipots.

 Here are the result of my first firing in the Ittagama( wood fired kiln). I am pleased with the result and can´t wait to fire it again!

The nice orange/brown "dot" on the rim comes from a peace of
seaweed that I put on the side of the pot. It became a nice glassy
glaze that I will continue experiment with.


From this angle it really shows the nice effects from
 fire, heat and ashes in the glaze!

Some nicely carved feet on that one =)

I love the glaze on this one.

The glazeeffect on the right side is also from seaweed
that i put on the pot.

The last four pots is from my latest firing in the electric kiln. Slightly larger pots around 25- 35 cm wide.

Nice glaze on this oval... Too bad it got a bit warped in the firing.

söndag 26 augusti 2012

The first firing in my Ittagama.

This weekend it was time to fire my newly built Ittagama (small woodfired kiln). I started at six a clock in the morning and had an exciting, but busy day of firing. At four a clock in the afternoon I closed the kiln and more than 1m3 of firewood was gone =). It was no problems at all to reach toptemperature of 1300 degrees C. I have to do some changes for the next firing but I am really satisfied with the kiln and how well it works! It is like my friend Stefan said about this type of kiln... " - It is a rocket!"

Enjoy the pictures =-)


The next generation is observing the work in progress.

Cone 10 ( 1300 C) still standing

A sneak preview of the result =)

onsdag 15 augusti 2012

New pots.

Quince-shaped oval, 36 cm wide

Creamy glazed oval, 25 cm wide

Unglazed oval with cloudfeet, 22 cm wide

Oval, 23 cm wide

Oval, 20 cm wide

Oval, 22 cm wide

onsdag 4 juli 2012


It is time for defoliation of some of my trees. I started with my Acer campestre whitch I probably will exhibit in September at the annual exhibition with the "Swedish bonsai society.
It is a really interesting and old Yamadori. It is not a classic beautiful bonsai but rather a ugly rugged tree witch I absolutly love.

Acer campestre. Defoliation, wiring and some branch shortening.

My son Alvin for size comparison.

I also defoliated a Ficus retusa I have had for about five years now. I think it starts to look really nice.

Ficus retusa. Ready for a haircut.

Defoliated, unwired.

Wired and ready to soak up some sun.

The same tree 4-5 years ago. It´s coming along nicely.

The last tree is a Hazel( Corylus avellana) that I defoliated a couple of days ago. It has a lovely clumpstyle trunk and  a fat nebari, but the leaves is on the larger side. I´m excited to see how small they will be now after the defoliation. I will post a picture for you in a couple of weeks.

Hazel, Corylus avellana yamadori.